Life’s Complicated: Pray Simply


Life’s Complicated: Pray Simply is a collection of straightforward prayers from the heart by the Anglican curate of the Diocese of Llandaff, the Rev’d Andrew Highway, that are intended to help readers have a conversation with God in a simple and honest manner, about all the things that can occur throughout daily life. These prayers address how we feel, what we see, our experiences, fears and worries; hopes, joys, and aspirations. The book is divided into four sections, with prayers about Ordinary Things, When Seeking God, Through the Year, and In the World. Life’s Complicated: Pray Simply is available in paperback and ebook editions.

Editorial Reviews

“Welcome collection of short prayers in a frightfully busy world. These succinct and incisive prayers help counter the pressures of modern life, intrusive technology, and widespread commercialism. Lifes Complicated: Pray Simply guides us back to a still, listening, loving God” – The Reverend Dr. Mark Dimond, Bishops Chaplain, The Church in Wales.

“Human, heartfelt, concise, simple, tender prayers clearly rooted in the God of love who is in Christ. At the end of our day, the only thing that matters is prayer. It is clear in Lifes Complicated: Pray Simply that prayer matters to the Reverend Andrew Highway” – The Right Reverend David Wilbourne, Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Llandaff, The Church in Wales.