The Raccolta of Prayers and Good Works

The Raccolta FRONT COVER for display

The Raccolta of Prayers and Good Works (Hope & Life Press 2018 edition) is a collection of the treasury of prayers, novenas and devotions of the Roman Catholic Church in large book format as compiled in 1910 by Ambrose St. John of the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri. Published in the original English, with side-by-side Latin given for the most popular prayers and litanies, this edition of the Raccolta makes available once again almost 500 prayers, in both short and long forms, for every single need of the Catholic faithful, seekers, and the whole People of God. A veritable multitude of prayers to the Holy Trinity for each occasion are included in this Raccolta. There are also prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary under several of her titles, the complete prayers to Saint Michael the Archangel that had been approved by Pope Leo XIII in 1888, and the prayers to the Holy Angels including Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael. Although the indulgences originally stated no longer apply to their related prayers unless these are found also in the new Enchiridion Indulgentiarum, the prayers gathered in this Raccolta still retain their great spiritual merit especially for private devotion. Available in paperback and ebook editions from the publishers and other usual outlets.