Stations of the Cross: English and Latin

Stations of the Cross FRONT COVER

With large full-color illustrations of the 14 Stations of the Passion and Death of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, to aid in meditative prayer, Stations of the Cross by Hope and Life Press (ed.) offers the reader the true history of this Lenten devotion, together with the beautiful and concise readings and prayers in both English and Latin by Pere Arthur Martin. Suitable for private Good Friday visits by the faithful, the Stabat Mater is given at the end of each station as traditionally practiced. A section on nine famous relics of the Passion, some of them rare, is included in the last section of the book, with a well-referenced history and illustrations. Stations of the Cross: English and Latin, with Relics of the Passion, True History of the Devotion and Prayers by Pere Martin is available in paperback edition from the usual outlets.