The Ox-Boy


It is the Ox-Boy’s first day of school and the year is 2031. Many things have changed. Pure-humans have made genetically engineered blends of animals and people. They rule the planet through their all-seeing WC, or World Council. War in the Middle East has destroyed earth’s supply of fossil fuels, so the rulers ration out electricity made by the sole fusion reactor in Switzerland. Worthless school subjects like art and music have been replaced by religion: allegiance to the WC.

But today is no normal day, since the fusion reactor overheated when the dog blends revolted. They call out to kill the pure-humans, but the Ox-Boy’s mother is one and he rushes home to save her. What is the purpose of political systems? Which one is best? Told from the viewpoints of students in Europe and America, The Ox-Boy by Renee Kenny questions everything we take for granted about society. What are the limits of power? Is the government trustworthy? For Ravi, a young boy in India, the answer may be “no” – and more. The Ox-Boy is available in paperback and ebook editions from the usual outlets and directly from the publishers.