Saint Michael the Archangel

Saint Michael the Archangel: Leo XIII and Consecration Prayers to the Great Defender contains in it Pope Leo XIII’s original prayer to the Archangel Michael and the English translation of the consecration prayer said at the Celestial Basilica of Monte Gargano, Italy.

Another Odyssey

Another Odyssey, by the award-winning British Catholic theologian Christopher Villiers, is a collection of poetry that is an amalgamation of myth, legend and truth, tied together with solid rhyme.

The Ox-Boy

It is the Ox-Boy’s first day of school in the year 2031. Pure-humans have made blends of animals and people. They rule the planet through their World Council. But the dog-blends have revolted and called for the elimination of pure-humans, one of which is the Ox-Boy’s mother. What are the limits of power? What happens?

Prayers God Answers

Prayers God Answers considers seven Biblical prayers from both the Old and New Testaments and looks at how each of them reveals a characteristic which moved God’s heart to answer the prayers. Recommended by the Bishop of Llandaff for the Year of Pilgrimage.

The Deification of the Virgin Mary in Christianity

Many claim that the Virgin Mary has never been deified. This claim seems to originate from the entrenched fear that the Holy Virgin is being offered the kind of worship that should be reserved for God alone. However, a close examination of Scripture and the writings of the Early Fathers of the universal Church shows that the Virgin Mary is deified, was deified at her conception, and has always remained deified. 

The Raccolta of Prayers and Good Works

The Raccolta of Prayers and Good Works is a collection of the treasury of prayers, novenas and devotions of the Roman Catholic Church in large book format as compiled in 1910 by Ambrose St. John of the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri. Published in the original English, with side-by-side Latin given for the most popular prayers and litanies, this edition of the Raccolta makes available once again almost 500 prayers, in both short and long forms, for every single need of the Catholic faithful, seekers, and the whole People of God.

Seasons of Prayer

Seasons of Prayer explores the natural seasons and shows how these can relate to the seasons of prayer we experience in our spiritual lives.

The Tales of Northborough

Welcome to the land of Northborough where magic can bring riches, the desire to rule can blind an ambitious princess, and an enchanted cup transforms a peasant lad’s life. The Tales of Northborough is the first volume in a trilogy of Christian medieval and epic fantasy novels by Renee Kenny.

The ‘O’ Antiphons

The ‘O’ Antiphons: Latin and Greek with Gregorian Chant, Old Hymnary and Scripture References provides readers with the Great Antiphons, the Magnificat antiphons to be used during Vespers of the last seven days of Advent in the Western Rite of the Catholic Faith.

Deification of Man in Christianity

Deification is the transformation of man into god through grace. Predominant in the theology of Eastern Christianity, but marginalized and obscured in contemporary interpretations of the theology of Western Christianity, Deification of Man in Christianity explores how it is deification, not just salvation, that is the real intent of God for humankind, with deification occurring not solely in patria, but in via and in patria.

The Warrior-Prince

A serious paucity of accessible and reliable literature exists Saint Michael the Archangel. Written simply, with icons and a comprehensive bibliography derived from Judeo-Christian scholarship and tradition, this small book fills that need in relation to the great, humble, but ever-powerful warrior and guardian of the universal Church.

The Divine Heart of God the Father in Scripture

The Divine Heart of God the Father in Scripture provides a factual overview of the 28 references that can be found in Sacred Scripture about the Divine Heart of God the Father, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. These references are derived from and presented in a side-by-side comparison from three major Scripture sources, namely the Latin Vulgate, the Septuagint (LXX), and the Masoretic Text (Yahwist Source).

Is Islam a Religion?

Is Islam a Religion? outlines the teachings of the Catholic Church about Islam starting with Lumen Gentium, Ecclesiam Suam and Nostra Aetate, followed by the writings of various Popes on the subject including those of Saint John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.

The Rule of the Theotokos According to Saint Seraphim of Sarov

The Rule of the Theotokos According to Saint Seraphim of Sarov is a devotional that contains the prayer rule originally given by the Holy Virgin, the Mother of God, to a monk in eighth century Egypt. It was prayed by Christians at the time, then fell into disuse. The rule was revived by the great Russian saint, Seraphim of Sarov, who advocated that all his spiritual children pray it daily to ensure their salvation.

What is the Magisterium of the Catholic Church?

What is the Magisterium of the Catholic Church? provides a factual and easy-to-understand outline of the basic principles of the Magisterium, what it is, what it is not, and its relationship to Christian believers. It gives an in-depth look at what constitutes the ordinary magisterium of the Pope, as well as the intrinsic nature of papal indefectibility and infallibility.

Petals of Vision

Petals of Vision is a collection of 72 poems and sonnets by the British poet-theologian Christopher Villiers.

Sonnets From the Spirit

Sonnets From the Spirit is a collection of 52 icons in poetry on major episodes from Sacred Scripture, written according to the ancient practice of midrash by the award-winning British Catholic poet-theologian Christopher Villiers.